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3-IN-1 SUPPORT: Focus FX contains L-theanine, Caffeine and B-12 can help boost mental focus and alertness while promoting wakefulness. Our nootropic stack also supports cognitive and physical productivity, so it's great for studying or working out in the gym.


ENERGY AND PERFORMANCE: This isn’t your normal caffeine pill that gives too much fast jittery energy and then leaves you crashing. Caffeine, L-Theanine and B-12 work together as a smart nootropic stack to support energy, alertness, and Performance  


Cognitive Support - A commonly used advanced cognition health and function support for adult men and women, get the original best nootropic supplement stack for boosting calm productivity at work, focused but energized studying, deep thinking, and creative genius. Also great for endurance workouts, sports, or for an exercise energy booster. Promotes energy day or night, to stay alert without the high jitters or caffeine crash from standard energy pills, chews, gum or tablets. 


Cleaner Uletnative - Drop unhealthy sugary energy drinks for a smarter and healthier fast acting alternative mind boosting cognition support with no powdered mess. For concentration and productivity, feel a natural calm awake feeling during the day to get stuff done. Strive for optimal and elite peak physical performance with a relaxed sharp focus. Take anywhere portable smart energy enhancer to stay alert, maintain endurance, and stimulate activity, so you can achieve more.



FOCUS FX 30 Strips

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